An Analysis of Transitivity in the Late Show by Julie Andrews



A.    Background of the Study

Communication is the way people send a message, information and news easily through a spoken language that is understood by each other of people in society. Since ideology and language are closely associated with one another, individuals and/or groups use language to communicate as well as to express their experiences of the world as they want (Siham 2017:8). Communication has a variety of ways, and one of them is through oral communication or conversation. Conversation could be something important in society and we need partner to conduct conversation. Conversation can be found in many opportunities for example on talk show, interview or another television show.

In doing communication, we need another person, who will become our hearer as well as our partner of speaking at the same time. This action will cause a variation of language. Language varies not only according to who is speaking -its users- but also according to the situation in which, it occurs -its uses. Because the existence of this variation, it is doubtless that the misunderstanding between the hearer and the speaker often happens, especially when both of the participants in the communication are all non-native speaker. Beji (2016: 328) defines transitivity refers generally to how meaning is represented in the clause. It shows how speakers encode in language their mental picture of reality and how they account for their experience of the world around them. The term “transitivity” in Systemic Functional Grammar is a semantic category, which is a reflection of human beings’ recognition at the lexicogrammar level both in written and spoken form (Yuqiong & Fengjie 2018: 71)

In order about communication and transitivity process which provides an explanation of something, the Prophet Muhammad also used His language to explain Allah’s power. It is stated in Q.S. Al Nahl verse 125 which says that:

äí÷Š$# 4n<Î) È@Î6y y7În/u ÏpyJõ3Ïtø:$$Î/ ÏpsàÏãöqyJø9$#ur ÏpuZ|¡ptø:$# ( Oßgø9Ï»y_ur ÓÉL©9$$Î/         }Ïd ß`|¡ômr& 4 ¨bÎ) y7­/u uqèd ÞOn=ôãr& `yJÎ/ ¨@|Ê `tã ¾Ï&Î#Î6y ( uqèdur ÞOn=ôãr& tûïÏtGôgßJø9$$Î/ ÇÊËÎÈ


Call unto the way of thy Lord with wisdom and fair exhortation, and reason with them in the better way. Lo! thy Lord is Best Aware of him who strayeth from His way, and He is Best Aware of those who go aright"(Q.S. Al Nahl: 125).

In the Alqur'an explained that the Prophet used his language toshape understanding about what was related to Allah SWT. So, the people can understand it. Transitivity is one of the theories in linguistics study which belongs to experiential Metafunction of Systemic Functional Linguistic. Briefly, Systemic Functional Linguistic concerned with the meaning of language, where each meaning forms parts of different functional configuration. There are three functions of language based on SFL theory, those are Interpersonal function which is intended to describe the social relationship between language and its. Maker either in written or spoken language, the system is composed Processes that represent human experience in terms of: physical and physiological actions (Material and Behavioral), thinking and speaking actions (Mental and Verbal) and actions that signal the existence of something/someone and their identifying features (Existential and Relational) (Roth & Nascimento 2009: 322)

According to Halliday (1994: 107), there are three components of Transitivity Process. They are the Process itself, Participants in the process, and Circumstances associated with the process. The system of transitivity consists of various types of process together with the structures that realize these processes. The six types of processes are Material Process, Mental Process, Relational Process, Behavioral Process, Verbal Process and Existential Process.

This study will identify the late show by Julie Andrew, Julie Andrews was trending on Twitter late Friday night, sparking fears that another celebrity had passed away. That was not the case for Andrews, though. Instead, she was just making an appearance on the late night talk show circuit, going on "The Late Show" with Stephen Colbert on CBS. For many, the highlight of Andrews'appearance on"The Late Show" was her attempt to feed a massive amount of grapes to Colbert as he tried to wrap up the appearance. As Colbert speaks, the starlet shoves grape after grape into his mouth, forcing him to chew and talk before she pops one in her own mouth and snuggles up to the shoulder of her interviewer.

Talk program or talk show has enlivened electronic media. The phenomenal of this program as information in the media has resulted in the satisfaction that the community deserves is recorded through the needs of a more individualized society. AS a result of a combination of social background and past media experiences and takes the form of relationships from certain media, specific likes and interests, usage habits. Interestingly, the phenomenon of packaging news information becoming the favorite in society. It shows that information is no longer merely a complement to programs on television and radio media, but also becomes the main media ammunition and plays an important role in making a media so this research will present about the Transitivity Process in The Late Show by Julie Andrews

Later on, it is hoped that the findings will be able to prove that linguistic choices in Process and Participant types of transitivity have an important role in the late show by Julie. Therefore, the researcher decided to choose the title: An analysis of transitivity in the late show by Julie Andrew.

B.     Problemsof the Study

Refering to the title of this thesis, the problems of this study are:

1.       What types of transitivity process are found in the late show by Julie Andrews?

2.       What are the schematic structures used in the late show by Julie Andrews?

C.    Objectives of the Study

Based on the problems above, the objectives of this study are:

1.      To find out the types of transitivity process in the late show by Julie Andrews.

2.      To find out the schematic structure in the late show by Julie Andrews.

D.    Significances of the Study

The significances of the study can be viewed from the theoretical side and the practical side.

The significance of this study theoretically is this thesis can add the new insight in analyzing news item by applying Systemic Functional Linguistic Theory (SFLT) was developed by Halliday (1978, 1985, 1994)

The significances of this study practically are: a) the analysis is useful for the learners who are interested in studying transitivity process structurein the late show by Julie Andrews, b) the analysis is useful for the researcher as the information for the further research on transitivity process structure of news item, and c) the analysis helps the reader to understand about transitivity process in the late show by Julie Andrews.




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