The Effectiveness of Collaborative Writing Method in Teaching Writing at SMA

The Effectiveness of Collaborative Writing Method in Teaching Writing at SMA
In  this  chapter,  the  writer  presents  introductions  that  contains:  background of the study, problem of the study, objective of the study, significance  of  the  study,  hypothesis  of  the  study,  scope  and  limitation  of  the  study,  and  definition of key terms.
A.  Background of the Study
Language as one of social aspects of human life is the most important means  of  communication  in  any  society.  Language  is  a  human  system  of communication  ideas  comprehensibly  from  one  person  to  another  that  uses arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, and written symbols in such a way that  the  other  will  be  able  to  act  exactly  said  by  Richard  Nordquist.  It seems  imposible  to  communicate  with  others  without  using  language.  While Halliday in Sandra J. Savignon defines three  basic functions of language that correspond to general categories of needs met by language :
1.      Language serves for the expression of “content” : that is,  of the speaker’s experience of the real world, including the inner world of his own consciousness. We may call this the ideational function.
2.      Language  serves  to  establish  and  maintain  social  relations,  which may refer to as interpersonal functional.
3.      Finally,  language  has  to  provide  for  making  links  with  itself  and with features of the situation in which it is used. We may call this the ???????.


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