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The effect of Communicative learning Teaching (CLT) towards students’ listening ability for the eight year students of SMP


            This chapter presents the discussion on the background of the study, statement of the problems, objective of the study, scope and limitation of the study, significance of the study, assumption of the study, hypothesis of the study, and definition of key terms.
1.1  Background of the Problem
            There are many languages used as a means of communication by people all over the world. One of them is English, which has a role as an international language. It is known as the first foreign language taught in Indonesia. It is started from Elementary School up to University, because it is important for developing the science.
            Many students in Indonesia do not like English. They get difficulties, boredom and confusing in learning it, because it is not their mother tongue. English teacher should be able to motivate the learners in learning this foreign language. Harmer (1993: 3) states motivation means a kind of drive that encourages somebody to pursue a course action. It should be done by every English teacher in order that the students are interested to learn this language. English teacher must be able to manage the teaching by using certain method in the teaching-learning process, so that the students will like it without boring and despair.
            Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) started developing in Great Britain in the 1960s, when British applied linguists began to question the assumptions underscoring Situational Language Teaching. Noam Chomsky was among the first ones to demonstrate that standard structural theories of language were incapable of accounting for the creativ-ity and uniqueness of individual sentences. Therefore, there was a shift from the insis-tence on the mere mastery of grammatical structures to the emphasis on communicative proficiency.
            In learning English there are four skills which are necessary to be mastered by the learners. Those skills are listening, speaking, reading and writing. Referring to the title, the writer limits the explanation to the listening only. Speaking skill is very important skill that must be mastered by every language learners, because one is called mastering a language when he/she is able to demonstrate the speaking skill. In order to master this skill, a teacher as an educator have to use good method in teaching learning process. In this case, the researcher concerns with the effectiveness of CLT toward students’ listening ability an experimental for eight grade students of SMP because so far CLT has not been practiced in the field by most English teachers.

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