Number Head Together (NHT) Technique.

A.      Background
English is an international language. It has an important position in the world communication today. This position makes English is most widely used all over the world in all aspect of human lives. In Indonesia, English plays an important role in the international communication and development of education. Indonesia as a developing country gets to involve in many aspects of international lives and it cannot be denied that the mastery of English is necessary for Indonesian people. In Indonesia, English is a foreign language which functions to support the development of knowledge, technology, culture and art. It also improves a close relationship with the other countries.
The main goal of teaching English in Indonesia is to enable students to use English for communication and for reading book reference written in English. English has been taught at the senior high school and event at the elementary school. At the senior and junior high school, the four skills of language namely speaking, writing, listening and reading has been taught. But in this sense the writer will be focus to discuss about reading skill. Reading is the priority because reading can cover the three other skills (Achsin, 1985).
Reading is an active process of identifying important ideas, comparing and applying them. Therefore in reading paragraph we have to try to comprehend the main idea of the reading material. Without comprehending the paragraph, it will be very difficult to understand what we have or what the writer means in the reading material.
There are some common problems that the teachers find with teaching reading such as learners lack of motivation, teachers are uncertain as how they should carry out the language preparation teachers are unsure about selecting and devising reading related activities. This fact indicated that student’s motivation and teacher’s preparation are very important to be considered.
Based on the result interview of the English teacher at VIII of SMPN 2 Lembang said that the mean score of the students’ achievement in reading English at 2012 -  2013 academic year especially in reading is very low, it is about 5.5 mean score and the target score is 7.5. In this case, the students have to read critically, and the teacher must select the suitable technique or strategy to teach it.
By looking this fact, English teachers are expected to always think and variation of teaching strategy in reading. In this case, the writer is going to discuss one variation in teaching strategies namely Number Head Together (NHT) Technique.
Numbered Heads Together (NHT) is another small group learning method using student teams.  NHT is similar to STAD because heterogeneous groupings of students are used (Bawn. S. 2007 : 43-44).  Arrangement of four students per learning team, with each team counting off from one to four is the beginning of Numbered Heads Together.  There is one high achieving student, one low achieving student and two average achieving students on a learning team.

B.       Problem Statements
Based on the background above, the question is formulated as follows:
1.      How is the students’ proficiency in literal comprehension of the paragraph in the text through Number Head Together (NHT) Method?
2.      How is the students’ proficiency in summarizing the text through Number Head Together (NHT) Technique?

C.    Objectives of the Study
Based on the problem statement above, the objective of the research are:
1.      To find out  how the improvement of the students literal comprehension through Number Head Together (NHT) Technique.
2.      To find out how the improvement of the students interpretive comprehension through Number Head Together (NHT) Technique.
D.      Significance of the Study
The significance of the research is expected to be useful information to the English teacher, English students and those who concern about the language learning process. It is hoped that the learning strategy will be considered as a better strategy to improve the students’ comprehension in reading.
E.       Scope of the Study
This research will focus on the study to improve the students’ reading comprehension through Number Head Together (NHT) Technique at the eighth great of SMPN 2 Lembang. Literal comprehension here covers main idea, sequence details and interpretative comprehension in summarizing. 

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