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A.    Background
It is known well that English has a very important role in modern world communication. English is an international language occupies the first position in the world of communication today. This position makes English most widely used all over the world in all aspects of human life. In Indonesia, English plays an important role in the development of education, politics and one of the resources in the development of the Indonesia language.
In Indonesia, English is taught as one of the compulsory subject from secondary schools to senior high schools and even further at the university or college. The purposes of English teaching in Indonesia are both for academic purpose and as means of international communication. People are interested in learning English. Most of them take English courses to develop their proficiency, because they realize that by knowing English well they can improve their life.
The teaching of English covers four skills, namely reading, writing, speaking and listening. Listening and reading are said to be receptive, while speaking and writing are said to be productive. Of four language skills above, the writer focuses on speaking and writing since they are productive skills which enable people to communicate skill which enable us to produce utterances, when genuinely to communicate, speaking is desire and purpose-driven. In other words, we genuinely want to communicate something to achieve a particular end.
Since speaking is a skill which enables us to communicate, it is very important as Nunan (1991:39) states that most people mastering the art of speaking is single most important aspect of learning a second or foreign language, and success is measured in terms of the ability to carry out a conversation in the language.
Learning speaking is one important matter in learning language but it is not a simple work to do. The bad score on speaking found in the students’ achievement does not mean that there are no efforts to solve the problem. Both teachers and students have tried to apply various methods and techniques in teaching and learning vocabulary. However, there are many factors assumed to give influence in teaching and learning process such as students’ characteristics, materials, teachers’ character, etc.
Bernaus, Wilson & gardner (2009) motivation is the most important variable because if teachers are not motivated the whole notion of strategy use is lost. This study is unique therefore because it is one of the first that directs attention to these types of variables as they apply to the class as a whole, and, because it investigates the relationships among all of these measures.
Shin (2011:5) stated Young learners should have fun with English!  The purpose of this program is to introduce participants to the theory and practice of teaching young learners in the EFL classroom.  Participants will engage in enjoyable activities designed specifically for young learners, such as songs, chants, finger plays, and storytelling.


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