Concept of Film / Movie

  1. Concept of Film
  1. Definition of Film

With  the  increasing  access  to  TV,  video  equipment  and  more  recently,  computers,  teachers  have  found  more  opportunities  to  use  audio-visual  materials  at  all  levels  of  foreign language teaching, and they  have  frequently  used  them effectively  in  language classes

A film is a fascinating form of entertainment, because everything on the screen appears to be life-like and natural. The movie characters walk and talk just as people actually do. The rooms, houses, and street look real. The picture does not stand still at one scene, it moves forward together.

According  to  Champoux  (1999),  movies  are  a  comfortable  familiar  medium  to contemporary  students  that  can  keep  student’s  interest  in  the  theories  and  concepts  under discussion. Although  most  movies  are  fiction, they can offer powerful experiences that students are  unlikely  to  have  in  a  classroom.  Film  scenes  can  offer  visual  portrayal  of  abstract  theories and  concepts  taught  in  management  and  social  sciences  courses


  1. Types of Film

Arsyad, 2003 point out the types of Films can be described as follows:

a.       Documentary Film.

Documentary  Film is  a  purpose  of  giving  to  describe  about the story, by using the true society and situation.

b.      Episodic Film

Episodic  Film  is  film  consist  of  short  edition  in  its sequences.

c.       Provocation Film

Provocation Film prevents to explain about special lesson to learners,  especially  social  study,  attitude,  etc.  it  will  stimulate  the discussion among learners in the classroom.

d.      Animated film

Animation film is distinguished from live action ones by the unusual kinds of work that are done at the production stage.

e.       Fictional film

A fictional film presents imaginary beings, places, or events. Yet  if  a  film  is  fictional  that  does  mean  that  it  is  completely  un related to actuality.

f.       Experimental film  

An Experimental film is made for many reasons, they are: (1) The  film  makers  wish  to  express  personal  experience  or  view points (2) The film makers may also want to explore some possibilities of medium itself.


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