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Advantages and Disadvantages of Picture

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Picture

Klasone (2013: 26) Many  language  teachers  are  as  concerned  to  help  their  students  to  develop  as  people  and their  ability  to  relate  to  others,  as  they  are  to  help  them  to  develop  their  ability  to  use  the foreign language. Pictures are not just an aspect of method but through their representation of places, objects and people they are an essential part of the overall experiences we must help our students to cope with. Specifically, pictures contribute to:

a.       Interest and motivation;

b.      A sense of the context of the language;

c.       A specific reference point or stimulus

According to Vernon, S. Gerlach and Donald P. (277): The Advantages of Picture Used

a.       They are inexpensive and widely available.

b.      They provide common experiences for an entire group.

c.       The visual detail make it possible to study subject, which would turn back to be impossible.

d.      They can help you to prevent and correct disconcertion.

e.       They offer a stimulus to further study, reading and research visual evidence is power tool.

f.       They help to focus attention and to develop critical judgment.

g.      They are easily manipulated.

There are some disadvantages of pictures used in teaching and learning process, such as:

a.       Students pay attention on the picture more than on learned material.

b.      It takes time and costs much to provide attractive pictures.

c.       Small and unclear pictures may arouse problems in the teaching learning process since the students may misunderstand about the pictures.


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