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PRE EXPERIMENTAL Modified-Fill-in Passage Exercise vocabulary


This chapter presents background, problem statement, objective of the research, significance of the research, and scope of the research.
A.    Background
One of the language elements that is very important in mastering foreign language is vocabulary. It is the basic and very principle requirement to learn English. It is the element, which conveys meaning of sense of what we want to express through writing and speaking. It is even required by students who want to pick up knowledge from any written text. The importance of vocabulary, for example, is emphasized in the 1994 Curriculum for SLTP that vocabulary is learned to support the mastery of the four language skills, i.e. listening, reading, speaking, and writing.
Nunan (1991:117) states “the acquisition of an adequate vocabulary is essential for successful second language use because without an extensive vocabulary, we will be unable to use the structures and function we may have learned for comprehensible communication”. Vocabulary is badly needed to convey what one wishes to say that is organized by grammar. The ability to communicate to convey our social needs could not be established without having enough vocabulary. 
Teaching English vocabulary in a foreign language classroom is not easy. It is not enough for English teacher to only prepare their students to use list of words and ask them to memorize them. They are expected to provide students with rich and exciting exercises which can help them to prepare in improving their vocabulary. Maybe some of the students like to study, but some others possibly do not. Teachers in this case, have a big role to motivate all of them to have the same perception about the importance of English today. They should be aware that knowing English vocabulary will help them to understand English easily both spoken and written form.
In spite of all the help that teacher and course books may give to the students, the sheer number of words to be learnt in a new language is a burden for most learners. Secondary, school pupils and adults feel the terrible frustration of not being able to say what they want to say in English, just because the lack of vocabulary.
We usually find the students’ vocabulary very poor, even though they have been studying English since they were in Junior High School. This case may be caused by some handicaps hampering in learning vocabulary, namely: the low interest and motivation of the students in learning English, the situation and condition of the classroom, and the boring method that is used by the teachers in teaching English which does not support the students to be excited?????????????/


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