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Improving the Students’ Vocabulary Achievement through the use of Riddles Technique (classroom action research)

A.    Background
Language is the most important aspect in human interaction. People communicate and interact with others using the language. In widely community, English has become international language. Most of the community in the whole world use English in order they can communicate with others who have different language. From this, English is important to be taught and learned by the students. And as the form of our government’s response toward this case, English language has been put in the educational system in our country, and it is taught from Elementary School until University and become a compulsory subject.
As a compulsory subject in English teaching and learning process vocabulary is the important aspect to support the English language component skills, namely: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. So learning vocabulary for learners is important because the ability of students to learn English is determined by vocabulary that they have. Through vocabulary, someone can communicate his/her idea, feeling, emotion, and desire.
The students at class X of SMK Muhammadiyah 3 Makassar still cannot use their language in communication because they consider that English subject is bored and scare because they do not have a command of vocabulary. Sometimes they are not feeling fun in learning. Some students have lost their motivation in learning vocabulary. Those low motivations are caused by many factors. One of them is the teachers’ method in teaching English.
Realizing such difficulties it is not enough for the English teachers not only prepare students to use list of words and ask them to memorise the words. They are expected with nice and exciting exercise that can help them to improve their vocabulary. Therefore, the teachers should find solution by creating efficient and effective technique in teaching vocabulary, especially??????????????????????????


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