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The use of idioms in the students essay (Descriptive)


A.  Background
English as the language that has many complexities to understand in understanding English there is one thing that is usually found difficult both in reading and speaking namely idiom. Idiom is only one component of figurative or non-literal language.  Dixon (1983: XI) states idioms are accepted as part of simple every day speech. Experienced teacher of English have long recognized their imfortance as a mean of adding grace and exactness to speech and writing. Defines idioms are expression a meaning different from of individual meaning of the parts component.  While Hornby in Muslimin Ramly (2005: 4) states that an idiom is a phrase sentences that meaning is not obvious through knowledge of the individual meaning of the constituent words but must be learn as a whole. Vicker (2005) states idioms are parts of our everyday language and most of people have a large repertoire upon which to draw for daily interaction. Although, English idioms are important in learning a language but many language teachers do not realize it most of English teachers concentrate on in teaching of grammar rather than English idioms. Achsin and Mufaisah in Umi Fahmianita (2002: 2) presume that English idiom is the most neglected aspect in teaching and learning English. And many books have been written on grammar but not many about teaching English idiom to non-native speaker learners, this condition can also help students on using the English idiom.
The truly real that most of the people found many difficulties in learning idioms not only some students but also the teacher usually found confuse  because of idiom inside it, including grammatical construction uniqueness to certain people, region. The students may learn grammar and vocabulary but without a working knowledge of such idioms turn of, turn on, to look over, to call up etc. Their speech will remain awkward and stilted. Of course, the idioms choose for study should be well writing the students’ graphs and of practical value. Jennings (2005) says that an expression whose meaning is hot predictable from the usual meaning of its constituent element. A language, dialect, or style of speaking peculiar to people. A construction or expression of one of language whose part of correspond to elements in another language matched in the same the second language
Some problems are faced by the students of any language in determining the meaning of idioms are the structure, the meaning, which and where the idioms used. The students sometimes use English idioms in their speaking and writing, but not all of them understand its????????????


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