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Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension through Reciprocal Teaching (Classroom Action Research)

A.      Background
Language is a tool of communication to make human interaction. People communicate and interact with others using language. In some community English has become an international language. Most of the community in the whole world use English to communicate with others who have different languages. Because of that English is very important to be taught and learned by the students. 
In Indonesia English learning is taught as one of the compulsory subjects from elementary school for fifth and sixth level, junior to senior high school up to the universities. In learning English there are four skills namely: speaking, writing, listening and reading. In this sense the writer especially discuss about reading because it can cover the three other skills.Barbara Taylor (1986:3) states that reading is very closely allied to other language processes such as listening, speaking and writing.
Reading skills should be thought earlier to the children (Tessero: 2003). Reading habits can increase the students’ achievement. Most Indonesian learner are acknowledge that reading a low will support them reaching their goals of studying, but categories low for years. Many efforts have been performed to socialize reading as a burden for most school ages. This phenomena effects them to be creative readers, that finally will influence their comprehension towards their achievement is categories low.
The purpose of reading in many languages is to inform ourselves about something we are interested, or to challenge certain our methods. In other words, to extend our experience of the world in which we live.  A person may read to get information. He may also read for enjoyment, or to enhance knowledge of the language being read (Janz: 2004). Although every student knows how to read, many have never learned good reading skills. (Royse, 2001: 127).
The purpose for reading is to guide the reader to select the appropriate texts, to determine the appropriate to reading comprehension.
The nature of reading is not merely read the text trough line, a reader has to bring his mind into the text to comprehend what is read. Cooper (1984:4) states that to comprehend the written words the reader must able to: understand what??????????????


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