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A.      Background
English is one of the major languages in the world used by more than three hundred and seventy millions people today. In other words, English is used by more than two thirds of the world’s population.  Nowadays, in modern society, English becomes more important as a tool of communication. English as a global language sets the important role in teaching English at school from elementary school until senior high school and even in university. From these facts, students are not only expected to speak English fluently but they also have to be able to fulfill four language skills; speaking, writing, reading, and listening. These four skills are integrated and related to each other.
Each of them has close relation. The difficulty of each skill is relative, and it depends on themselves. Writing as one of the important skills in teaching English, has always occupied a place in most English language course. To write well, people must have good capabilities in writing. Moreover, someone who wants to write must be able to organize the idea, to construct the sentences, to use punctuation and spelling well.  Besides, they must be able to arrange the writing into cohesive and coherent paragraphs and texts.   
Relates to this, Heaton (1975) also proposed that Writing skill are more complex and difficult to teaching, requiring, and  mastering not only of grammatical and rhetorical devices but also  conceptual  and  judgment,  because  of  the  difficulties  of writing,  some  efforts have been done to solve the problem. The main objective is to make the writing become easier to learn for the students. of communication, that can help students to express our idea or feeling.
In  Indonesia,  English  has  been  taught  from  junior  high  school  until university and it has been studied from elementary school and kindergarten right now. English teaching in Indonesia becomes more important. In every school in Indonesia, English as a foreign language is considered difficult by many students. In addition, Huang (2009) also stated that when students read the assigned textbooks in schools to improve their writing, they get frustrated writing what they know in English and often begin to draw away from learning English. It really needs creative efforts from the English teachers to conduct the process of teaching-learning. To be more interesting, then the teachers have to create many ways to explain the subject so that it can be understood by the students.
Many  efforts  have  been  done  in  teaching writing  to  the students, one of them is using pictures as the media. In this research, the researcher used pictures as the media to make learning writing easier because it had many chronological illustrations and was interesting for students. Xing and Jin (1985) also stated???????


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