The Students’ motivation in Learning The Function of have in Sentence Pattern


A.  Background
It is known well that English has a very important role in modern world communication. English is an international language occupies the first position in the world of communication today. This position makes English most widely used all over the world in all aspects of human life. In Indonesia, English is taught as one of the compulsory subject from secondary schools to senior high schools and even further at the university or college.
In order to make English as a successful tool of communication, one of the important aspects that must be learned is grammar. It is extremely important because the mastery of English is not perfect without dealing with it very well. We cannot say that the students who know English will never make any errors. Their errors can be found not only in conversation, but also in writing. Probably, because they think
that the important things in using sentence in communication, it is the ability to understand the speaker and how we can be understood. So they do not pay attention to the structure and grammar of the sentence. Whereas, Torne (1997: 3) states that grammar and structure are essential to be learnt because grammar is a study of the organization of language. It involves taking language structure a part in order to see the way in which we can communicate effectively in a range of situation and for a range of purpose.


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