The increasing the students’ vocabulary mastery through frontloading

A.    Background
Teaching English in our country has been developed extensively because English is an international language in the world. Therefore, Indonesian government has brought it as a local since at the elementary school. In teaching English vocabulary as an element or language is considered as the most important factor in increasing the mastered if the students are still lacking of vocabulary. Vocabulary is a part of language learning that need continuing growth and development by both native and non native speakers long after grammar and pronunciation elementary school until senior high School. In language teaching preparationprogram in our country, more and attention being given to improve some technique for teaching vocabulary.
Learning vocabulary as a foreign language seems easy but some students feel fear. The teacher of English should find out solution by crating efficient and effective technique of teaching in teaching English vocabulary, besides that, the teachers should establish condition which makes teaching vocabulary possible. The learning will occur within reasonable period of time. 
Realizing how important the vocabulary and how difficult students to build up the teachers of English have provided students with rich exciting exercise which are expected to help vocabulary mush be very helpful to improve the students’ ability in English communication. Allen (1997:149) says that vocabulary???????


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