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Improving Students’ Speaking Skill Through Learn to Speak English 9.0 Software (classroom action research)


A.   Background
Language learning is important for human’s social development. As a language which is used by more than a half of population in the world, English holds the key as international language. English is a tool of communication among peoples of the world to get trade, social-cultural, science, and technology goals. Moreover, English competence is important in career development, therefore students need to understand and use English to improve their confidence to face global competition. There are four basic skill in English they are reading, writing, listening and speaking skill that every human being to needs to interact or get information to another
Speaking English is one of ways of finding information through oral communication in the world. The person who knows and understands English well can easily communicate with other people all over in the world because English is a international language and can make the person get a job, spread news and social transact his business. In this study, the writer focuses in teaching speaking. In speaking class, the students should be taught how to speak. The components of English speaking skill that should be given and studied in English speaking class are pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, fluency, accuracy and comprehension. Speaking is the most important skill, because it is one of abilities to carry out conversation on the language. Speaking is an????????


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