Quality of the Discourse Developed by the Participants of ‘Java Overland English Debate 2007

                                                                         CHAPTER I

1. 1. Background of the Study
            Talks  (conversation)  are  a  central  activity  in  social  life1.  That  is  why; studying or investigating conversation is not only interesting, but also meaningful. As  the  phenomenon  of  language  in  use,  conversation  is  studied  by  one  of  the branches  of  linguistics  that  is  discourse  analysis.  Language  is  the  medium  of conversation.
           As the definition of language, it is a set of meaningful sound. People use  it  for  conversation.  In  the  development  of  language  and  conversation, sometimes language is a very complicated thing either in national or international language.  It  can  be  spoken  or  written  language.  Language  used  by  the  human being  expresses  the  idea,  feeling,  whishes,  opinion,  and  very  common  people debate their friends by language, although their reasons are false.
           One of the phenomena that show studying language is interesting are each of people have common language and, the differences of how the language is used by the people in certain area. But we just observe the phenomenon physically. We never discuss or study it on the component of their language. We are never aware about it. Because of that, the researcher interested in studying about it, as Yule has pointed out in his book entitled ‘An Introduction to Language’ as below.???????????????????????????????????


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